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With our help you can rest assured that your solutions meet your users’ expectations, are fun and easy to use, and, most importantly, keep your users coming back.

Process & Skills

This is a phase when we build the big picture of the design problem by collecting information on user needs, motivations and behaviors as well as finding out answers to user problems. Variety of methods is used to explore potential users such as in-depth interviews, observations, focus groups and customer journey maps.

We examine the collected data, user insights, finding out relevant information to be used in the design ideation and design. We create personas identifying user goals, behaviors and pain points based on the collected information.

We organize workshops within our customers, end users and key stakeholders to create service ideas and user stories based on the user insights. We prioritize and select the best service ideas to be developed further based on the business potential and end user value. Variety of methods and tools are used to present user insights.

The selected service ideas are developed further and concretized into prototypes and wireframes presenting the future solution. Design prototypes are presented for potential users to get feedback if user needs are met with the solution. We utilize paper prototypes, wireframes, cartoons, etc. to concretize the service/business idea.

The user experience design is based on designing natural, transparent interaction between the user and the service that it is not necessary to think about the usage of the service. We create several alternatives, which we evaluate within potential users and customers. We will develop the service step by step in order to achieve the most enjoyable solution.

Service Design0%
User Studies0%
Usability Studies0%
User Experience Design0%

Software development services

We specialize in developing digital prototypes and demos which you can use to validate and test your ideas. However, in case your product is a software solution, an (mobile) application or a cloud service, we also have the skills and partners in place to go commercial with you.

UI Design0%
UI Development0%
Cloud Services0%

Let’s discuss how we can create satisfaction for you!

Let’s discuss how we can create satisfaction for you!

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